Tech Lending Program (TLP)

The TLP circulates technology items, from calculators to digital cameras, to currently enrolled UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students. This is an effort by the Library to ensure that our users have the technological means to conduct research, and complete coursework as efficiently and effectively as possible. TLP’s initial inventory consists mostly of frequently requested items like device chargers, adapters (e.g., mini-HDMI to HDMI), flash drives, and headsets. A few high-end devices are also offered, including digital cameras, projectors, and Rokus. Non-electronic items include book stands and wrist rests. Browse the categories below for specific items.

Media Tools

Chargers, Cables, and Video Adapters

Productivity Items

digitalrecorder.jpg Cables and Chargers Productivity items
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Where can I borrow tech items?

TLP items may be checked out at the Geisel Library's Media Desk (1st Floor West) and the Geisel East Commons desk (2nd Floor East).  There are also a few items at the Biomedical Library Building (BLB). Roger will indicate where an item is located. A valid UC San Diego photo ID is required.

How do I find out what TLP offers?

In Roger, do a keyword search for what you want (e.g., Macbook charger, Garmin). Using Roger you can also search for “Tech Lending Program” for a complete list of what’s currently available.

How long do TLP items circulate?

Most of the adapters and chargers circulate for 24 hours. Some items like flash drives and media devices circulate for three days. Periods when the Media Desk or East Commons desk are closed (e.g., during holiday campus closures) do not count toward an item's check-out. For instance, an item checked out the day before the Thanksgiving closure will not be due back until the Sunday. We will always tell you exactly what time your item is due. If you forget, you may check your library account online. Recalls for these items are not permitted.

Who can borrow TLP items?

This service is available only to currently enrolled UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students.

What about copyright?

Be aware that reproduction or distribution of copyrighted works, including, but not limited to, images, text, or software, without permission of the owner is an infringement of U.S. Copyright Law and is subject to civil damages and/or criminal penalties including fines and imprisonment. By borrowing a Tech Lending item you agree to understand and abide by copyright law in general, and the Library and campus copyright policy in particular.

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