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Workshops at The Library

Please Note

  • All instructional workshops are open to UC San Diego students, staff, and faculty. San Diego area health professionals may also attend the workshops space permitting. PubMed workshops are open to everyone.
  • Individual / group consultations and customized workshops on these or other topics are also available. Contact us to request a consultation.
  • Laptops welcome - we have room in our classrooms for you to bring your own wireless-equipped laptop if you prefer to use your own equipment. 
  • Registration: Click the register link by the workshop you wish to attend and fill out the form. If you have questions or comments, you can e-mail Karen Heskett.
  • Be sure to note the location of the workshop - they may be at either the Geisel or Biomedical Library building.
  • Instructors can request library instruction

Please register at least 24 hours in advance. Workshops may be cancelled due to insufficient registration. Registrants will be notified if a workshop is cancelled.

Search Series - Library Databases and Search Tools

PubMed: the Essentials - the New Interface

This hands-on workshop focuses on what every user needs to know about  PubMed, whether doing a search for a specific author or topic using keywords. Learn to focus your results with limits, become familiar with the features of the advanced search screen, and know how to use UC E-Links to easily get to full text articles. We are happy to do a session that works for your or your office's schedule.

Conducted Online 
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PubMed: Beyond the Essentials - the New Interface

Move beyond the basics to refine and expand your searching skills. Learn about MeSH terms and how to use them in a search. Use MyNCBI and its numerous tools to keep you updated and to customize PubMed for your most frequent types of searches. A helpful session for the frequent searcher.  We are happy to do a session that works for your or your office's schedule.

Conducted Online
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Information Management Series

Managing Citations: Which Tool to Use?

This 60 minute session will provide an introduction to a variety of tools for managing papers and citations including EndNote & EndNote Online, Zotero, Mendeley and will discuss how to choose the tool that's right for you.  We are happy to do a session that works for your or your office's schedule.

Conducted Online
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Zotero is an easy to use citation manager with an itunes-like interface. Grab web pages, books from Amazon, or citations from a database (or even Roger). You can save PDFs or screenshots of webpages, organize your collection of resources, and add notes to your library. Very student friendly yet robust enough to work for researchers and faculty.  A one hour session.  We are happy to do a session that works for your or your office's schedule.

Conducted Online
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EndNote Online

The online version of EndNote is available for free. Come learn how to insert citations to your online library and then use them when writing a paper. Users of the desktop version can also synch their online and desktop library, come learn how the online version extends your options.

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Writing a research paper and need to manage your references? Or, have PDFs you want to organize? Mendeley is another of the free resources that offers tools for making these tasks a little bit easier. This hands-on workshop covers both Mendeley desktop & online tools, including Mendelely groups and using the citations tools in Word. Come learn the secret options that Mendeley has hidden in their program.

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EndNote Desktop

Writing a research paper and need to manage your references? Using EndNote already, but want to learn about its "power" features (e.g., Connect, "Cite While You Write," etc.)? Take this 1.5 hour workshop to learn to build your own EndNote reference library and work with Word to write your paper and seamlessly create bibliographies. We are happy to do a session that works for your or your office's schedule.  Check out our online guide.  

Conducted Online
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Data, GIS, & Scholarly Communications Series

Enhancing Your Research: About Data, Scholarly Communication, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Come learn about the ways data practices, scholarly communication, and GIS can enhance your research. 

  • Want to know how emerging scholarly communication practices can help raise your academic profile and make you stand out on the job market?
  • Interested in cultivating broader audiences for your research and connecting with collaborative academic communities?
  • Curious about open access but don’t know what it is, where to start, or which publishers, content, or educational resources to trust?
  • Do you work with data in spreadsheets, and want that data to be better organized?
  • Not sure where to find or access data sources for your research?
  • Curious about how to leverage GIS software to help you map, analyze, and communicate your research?
  • Stephanie Labou - Data Science Librarian
  • Allegra Swift - Scholarly Communication Librarian
  • Amy Work - GIS Librarian

Oct 9 (Fri),
Conducted Online 

“Predatory” Publishing: Addressing Bias and Avoiding Pitfalls

“Predatory” publishing, especially in the health sciences, is an ongoing concern and it is essential for researchers to be able to recognize deceptive publishing practices. It is important, though, not to oversimplify what constitutes predatory practices. While using tools like “blocked” or “approved” lists helps researchers avoid predatory publishers, these lists can reinforce power dynamics that exclude marginalized, non-western viewpoints. Come to this session to learn how to balance publishing in high quality open access journals while staying aware of the biases in scholarly publishing.

Presented by UC San Diego, UCI, UCSF, and Temple University Libraries.

Oct 20 (Tue),
Conducted Online 

Building Structural Equity and Inclusion: Open Educational Resources and Affordable Course Material

While many of the benefits of using openly licensed materials remain constant, their importance is amplified as students are facing decreased bandwidth and access, and increased financial obstacles due to the pandemic. Register for this free online session as we explore strategies for ensuring your students can access and engage with the resources you need to support your instruction.

Oct 22 (Thur), 12-1:30 pm
Conducted Online