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Virtual Library Tour


Due to forthcoming construction in the 2021-22 academic year, the virtual tour will be updated when construction is complete. We apologize for any confusion. Read more about the Geisel Library Revitalization Initiative.

Accessing the Virtual Library Tour

For potential visitors unable to participate in one of our scheduled in-person tours, the Library offers an interactive virtual tour of the first and second floors. Floors four through eight are not currently offered in the Virtual Library Tour, as is customary in our in-person tour since these spaces and collections are reserved for quiet and silent study respectively. However, interactive 360 degree images and floor maps of floors four through eight can be viewed at the bottom of the page. The Virtual Library Tour can be viewed in its entirety by using the mini-player below. 

Continue to scroll down for the Virtual Tour Key to assist you in navigating the tour, and to access the interactive maps of the first and second floors.



Navigating the Virtual Library Tour

Use the Virtual Tour Key to assist with wayfinding while taking the Virtual Library Tour, and learn more about the highlighted areas in the Library. Click and drag the 360-image using your cursor to explore the space.


Interactive Library Floor Maps

For visitors seeking to view specific locations in the Library, use the floor maps below to visit the areas highlighted in blue. By clicking one of the areas in blue, visitors will be taken directly to that location in the building within our Virtual Library Tour.



Floors 4 to 8

While our traditional in-person tour does not include floors 4 through 8 to minimize disruptions to quiet and silent study spaces, below is a virtual peak of each floor.

Comments or Questions?

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