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Services for Persons with Disabilities

The UCSD Library is committed to providing access to library materials, programs, and services for all users. The Library will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests from users with disabilities. If your disability is not readily discernible, please identify yourself as having a disability when seeking assistance.

Some disability support services are available to all library users and others are limited to UC faculty, students, and staff.

Disabled Parking Access to Geisel Library

Parking along Hopkins Lane is labeled as “7/24 RED,” meaning a UCSD permit for red spaces is required for the non-disabled-designated spaces there. However, patrons with a disabled placard for their car may park in one of nine disabled spots on Hopkins Lane (at the far end of the street near the Library book-drops).

Additionally, access to an entrance to the Library for those with disabilities is available by driving down Hopkins toward the Library, then turning left before the book drops. Head down the hill via the asphalt driveway. Park in one of the five disabled spots near the reflective glass windows and ring the buzzer on the glass disabled door to the right, to alert library staff that you need assistance. A security guard will come to the door to escort you in.

If you have trouble with the intercom, call the Library's Service Area directly at (858) 534-0134 (during Library open hours).

Accessible parking for library users with disabled placards is available in various other locations on campus. Contact Triton Mobility Services - ADA at (858) 822-2603 for details.

Building Access

All UCSD library buildings have electronic doors, elevators, and accessible restrooms. Contact Service Area staff at Geisel Library (858-534-0134) or the Biomedical Library Building (858-534-3253) for further assistance.

Computing & Furnishings

In addition to others throughout the Library, wheelchair-accessible workstations are available in the following locations. Those in wheelchairs have priority use of these stations, though others may also use them.

  • InfoStation (computers open for public use): Available in Geisel Library's West Commons (2nd Floor West) & Biomedical Library Building Lobby (1st Floor).
  • Productivity Stations (ACMS): One in the far northwest corner of Geisel's 1st Floor Tunnel Computer Lab, one in Geisel's East Learning Commons (2nd floor). Both require an Active Directory login and are height-adjustable.
  • Media Viewing: The Individual Media Viewing Room in Geisel 1st Floor West provides playback stations for audiovisual materials from its collections (including reserve items). Format support includes DVD, Blu-ray, and VHS. See the Geisel's Service Area to arrange onsite viewing.

Locating Materials & Information

If a disability prevents you from using keyboards to search online catalogs and/or using other library equipment or resources, library staff can assist. At times, immediate assistance may not be available due to staffing or workload considerations. When possible, contact in advance to make arrangements.

Retrieving Materials

Library staff can retrieve known items (print material not currently checked out) from library shelves or other areas inaccessible to you. Whenever possible, contact Service Area staff at Geisel Library (858-534-0134) or the Biomedical Library Building (858-534-3253) in advance to make arrangements. Same-day retrieval and/or number of items retrieved per day may be limited due to staffing or workload considerations.

Proxy Borrowing Privileges

Library users with valid UCSD Library borrowing privileges may designate another individual as a proxy to borrow materials for them if temporary or permanent disability prevents visiting the Library in person. Contact Geisel Library's Service Area staff (858-534-0134) in advance to make arrangements.

Office for Students with Disabilities

Registered UCSD students are eligible for assistance from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD). OSD has equipped a computer room in the Geisel Library (2nd/Main Floor East, Room 2069) with adaptive equipment. OSD provides training for users authorized by OSD to use the equipment. For access to the room, show your AFA letter at Geisel's Service Area. For other details on the OSD Room and campus services for students, contact OSD at (858) 534-4382 (voice) or at (858) 534-9709 (TTY).

Service Animals

Service animals, though not emotional support or therapy animals, are welcome in the UCSD Library. In order to help maintain a pleasant, productive, and safe environment for all Library users and staff, service animals must be in physical proximity with their handler and under handler control at all times. Service animals may not be left unattended by their handler at any time. Please refer to the Library Guidelines for Individuals with Service Animals for more details.

Other Accommodations or Questions

Patrons with disabilities whose needs are not addressed here or who have specific library access questions should contact:

Gen Thipatima
Geisel Library
9500 Gilman Drive 0175-N
La Jolla, California 92093-0175
Voice: (858) 246-5668
Email: can be contacted as a back-up.

For information, questions, or concerns about UCSD campus access or guidelines, refer to the UCSD Disability Resources web page.

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