Letters to the Library

Dear Students,

Are you enamored with the Library? If so, send us a Love Letter explaining your affectionate feelings. Or is it time to break up with us? If you’ve had enough and think we should separate for a while, send us a Break-Up Letter detailing your grievances.

Yours truly,
The UC San Diego Library

Why write a letter to the library?

Your letters will help us to understand your needs and experiences, how you use the library, and what you value about our offerings.


  • Letters are limited to nor more than 150 words.
  • Letters must pertain to library resources, spaces, services, or activities and may not include profanity.
  • Multiple entries will be accepted.
  • Authors may be identified or anonymous.
  • Submission deadline is February 15 at 6pm.
  • Each (non-anonymous) submission will enter you into a drawing for an Audrey’s Café gift card.