Duplication Policy

Reproductions from Books

All photocopying of Special Collections materials is done by SC&A staff. Materials may be copied when, in the judgment of the staff, such copying will not damage the original items, will not duplicate an inordinate portion of a manuscript or university records collection, and is not prevented by US copyright law. While the Library makes every attempt to accommodate copying requests, making copies is inherently stressful to the originals. Consequently, limits have been established to balance researchers' needs and our obligation to preserve these special resource materials:

  • To reduce stress on bindings, all duplication from bound volumes is limited to no more than twenty (20) pages per volume.
  • Some items, such as brittle, tightly bound or heavy books, are impossible to photocopy. Sometimes, alternative photoduplication processes are permissible when photocopying is unfeasible. These alternatives include photography and, less frequently, microfilming.
  • SC&A will not duplicate more than 10% of any item still under copyright protection.

Patrons wanting to copy a substantial portion of a manuscript or university records collection may be asked to pay instead for the production of a microfilm of a portion of the collection to be determined by the librarian.

Reproductions from Manuscripts

Special conditions apply when requesting duplication of unpublished materials. Virtually all unpublished manuscripts, recordings, and photographs are protected under copyright law. Select photocopies of manuscripts may be made if they are solely for the research use of the applicant and if there are no restrictions on the selected material. Any further photoduplication of such copies is not permitted. Nor does the UC San Diego Library, in making copies available, thereby grant permission to reproduce or to quote extensively for publication. The applicant assumes full responsibility for any infringement of copyright or publication rights belonging to the author, the author's heirs or assigns. The applicant is also responsible for communicating with the holder of copyright concerning permissions to quote or otherwise publish copyrighted material from our collections. Special copyright provisions also apply to sound recordings, pictorial, musical, graphic, motion picture, or other audio-visual works, which severely restrict duplicating without the expressed permission of the holder of copyright.

Publishing material from our holdings requires permission not only from the holders of copyright but also from the Mandeville Special Collections. Please see our Reproduction Publication Policy for details.

The department limits each applicant to a total of 125 copies per year; 250 for self-service on the Bookeye scanner. All requests are subject to approval.

The applicant agrees to pay the costs incurred in making all requested copies, including expenses of preparing digital files.  All orders require prepayment. Payments are by cash, credit card, or check, payable to UC Regents. A $10 minimum is required for a credit card charge.

Special Collections Duplication Fee Schedule

Cost for research quality Bookeye scans
UC Researcher - Self Service
Guest Researcher - Self Service
$0.25 / copy
Staff Completed
$0.50 / copy Limit 125 copies

*Self-service Bookeye scans must be approved before scanning.

Photocopies & Other
Photocopies - Books 8 1/2 x 11 $.10 $.20
11 x 17 $.20 $.25
Photocopies - Manuscripts/Archives $.25 $.50
Microfilm Printouts $.25 $.25
High-Res Scans $15.00 (Mail included)
Audio Cassettes
$25.00 (Mail included)

*UC Rate applies to current UC students, faculty, and staff only.

Offsite & Mail Requests
$.50/copy + Shipping
Domestic shipping: $10
International shipping: (Fed Ex): $25.00
For offsite requests, contact us at spcoll@ucsd.edu.