My ILL Requests

Details and Instructions for Using the My ILL Requests Service

How to Log into My ILL Requests

  • Go to
  • Library Card/Account: Your library card/account number begins with "21822" and can be found on the back of your UC San Diego ID card. Enter the 14-digit number without spaces.
  • PIN: Leave this blank; no password is required for UC San Diego.
  • Home Campus: Select UCSD.

If you experience difficulty using My ILL Requests or have any questions regarding your interlibrary loan requests please contact us at or (858)534-2528.

Note: Your session will automatically end after 15 minutes of inactivity. You will need to log in again to use My ILL Requests.

Sorting Requests and Changing Record Display

After clicking on Login, your active requests will display and your name should appear in the upper right corner. There are several ways to sort your requests. We suggest sorting by ILL no./descending, which will generally display the most recently submitted request at the top of the list. Find more information at My ILL Requests Help, "Sort My Requests."

Only active interlibrary loan (ILL) requests will initially display. By checking the "Show Everything" box all of your requests will display, including those which have been canceled or completed in the last 60 days. Find more information at My ILL Requests Help,'Change the Record Display' and 'Viewing My Requests'.

Note: Requests submitted through the UC San Diego ILL Request Form require special handling by staff and will not appear in your account immediately.

Status Definitions

The status of your requests will be displayed in the record, find a list of statuses and what they mean at My ILL Requests Help, 'Find a Description of the ILL Status'. Please note that requests from outside of the UC system may take 7-10 business days to arrive, while UC-owned items may take 2-4 business days to arrive.

How to Renew a Requests

To submit a renewal request, click the "Renew" link affiliated with the request. A "Renew a Request" form will appear. Enter your email address in the first box, and then click on the 'Send email" button. A confirmation screen will appear, click "OK" after reading the additional information. Find more information at My ILL Requests Help, 'Renew My Request'.

Please submit renewal requests no later than 5 business days in advance of the due date to avoid potential fines. Renewals submitted on or after the item's due date may result in late fees.

Note: When an ILL item's due date in My ILL Requests differs from that stated in your Roger record, the due date in Roger should be observed.

How to Cancel a Request

To cancel a request, click the "Cancel" link affiliated with the request, then click on the “Cancel Request” button. A confirmation screen will appear and a “Request No Longer Required” notation will be inserted in the request. If you would like to cancel a request and the link does not appear contact ILL. Find more information at My ILL Requests Help, "Cancel My Request."

How to Submit a New Request

Click on one of the two links at the left to submit a new request Search Melvyl or Citation Linker.

Ending Your Session

Be sure to sign out when you've completed your session. Click "Sign Out" in the left-hand column or in the upper right corner.

Circuit Requests

Circuit requests are not included in the My ILL Requests service. Check the status of Circuit request in your Roger account.

Need More Help?

Additional information can be found at My ILL Request Help. If you have further question please contact us at or (858) 534-2528.

Offer Feedback

If you would like to provide feedback to improve or make other changes to My ILL Requests, send your comments and suggestions to