What is interlibrary loan (ILL) and who can use it?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a UC San Diego Library–subsidized request service for current students, staff, and faculty. When library materials needed to support university research, coursework, or UC job-related functions are not available at the UC San Diego Library, authorized patrons may request these materials, which are, when possible, obtained from another library through interlibrary loan. All ILL users must be registered with the UC San Diego Library. Some categories of patrons, including those in degree programs jointly administered by UC San Diego, students affiliated with other schools, or those enrolled in clinical rotations or internships at UC San Diego, may not be eligible for ILL privileges. Contact Interlibrary Loan with questions about eligibility.

How much does it cost?

Most requests are subsidized for eligible users and do not require payment.

How long does it take to arrive? Is rush delivery available?

Generally articles will be sent by email from other UC libraries within 3 working days; books from other UC libraries arrive in 3–12 days. Recently published or hard-to-find items may take several weeks. Foreign dissertations may take 1–2 months to arrive.

If you require RUSH delivery, please call or email ILL for assistance. Additional costs may be incurred for rush delivery.

May I remove the ILL book strap?

The book strap attached to each ILL item should NOT be removed. The information on the strap allows Library staff to identify and properly process non–UC San Diego material in an accurate and timely manner. To avoid overdue and/or replacement fees, never return an ILL item without its book strap.

Note: The ILL book strap is UC San Diego property. A $10.00 replacement fee will be assessed for each book strap missing at the time of return.

What are the overdue and/or replacement fees for ILL materials?

Interlibrary loan items are subject to overdue, processing, and replacement fees if they are not returned on time. A $14.00 overdue fee is assessed for each item returned 1–30 days past its due date. After 30 days, unreturned items will be considered lost, and the borrower will be charged replacement and processing fees. Replacement costs are assessed individually per title.

Additionally, a $10.00 replacement fee will apply for each ILL book strap not returned with the material borrowed.

How do I appeal an overdue ILL fine?

Use this form to submit an appeal for an ILL item. You may also submit the form from the workstation at the Geisel Front Desk.

What if I am not a current UC San Diego student, staff, or faculty?

ILL services are only available to current UC San Diego students, staff, and faculty. Those not currently affiliated with UC San Diego—including alumni; Extension students who are not concurrently-enrolled; local businesses; and UC San Diego affiliates working elsewhere and seeking materials related to their employment—may still be eligible for basic UC San Diego borrowing privileges, including access to Circuit.

How do I submit an ILL request?

ILL requests may be placed using a variety of methods.

If you have difficulty using Citation Linker, please use this form.

What materials are available via ILL?

Any items that are missing, checked-out, or not owned by the UC San Diego Library may be requested through interlibrary loan.

  • Books, government publications, dissertations, and similar materials which are borrowed from other libraries will be made available for check out at the Self-Service Hold Shelf of either UC San Diego Library building.
  • Journal articles, patents, conference papers and proceedings, standards, technical reports, book chapters, and similar materials requested through ILL are often delivered electronically.
  • Videos, micro-formats, rare books, or manuscripts may be available through ILL on a library-use only basis.

Please note that ILL is intended to support university research, coursework, or UC job-related functions, and not intended for recreational reading.

What items are not available via ILL?

  • Reference items
  • Textbooks available at UC San Diego through Course Reserves
  • Items available at UC San Diego in Microform or other micro-formats
  • Slides
  • Other non-circulating items (such as current journal issues)

Requesting of recreational materials is discouraged.

Because ILL is intended to support university research, coursework, or UC job-related functions, requesting of recreational materials is discouraged

In addition, certain items may be difficult to obtain via interlibrary loan:

  • Videos
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Non-circulating items

What is the policy for videos/DVDs?

Other libraries typically do not loan from their video or DVD collections, which makes these items difficult to obtain. Many times, video requests cannot be filled because the items are fragile, few copies of the item exist, or items may not circulate. If a video or DVD is shipped to us under the condition of library-use-only, it will be available for viewing at the Media Viewing Stations located in the west wing of the Geisel Library 1st/Lower Level. If no restrictions are placed on the item, we will make it available to you as a regular check out for the loan period allowed by the lender.

Where can I see a list of items I requested through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

To see a list of items requested through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) go to http://libraries.ucsd.edu/myillrequests and log in using the barcode on your UCSD ID, leave the PIN field blank and select UCSD as your home campus.