Guides to Improve Accessibility

Use the guides for steps to improve web accessibility within specific applications.

Quick Tips

Improve the accessibility of content, no matter the platform -

  1. Use sufficient color contrast to improve readability
  2. Use headings to appropriately outline and separate content
    • Use headings in order, and do not skip heading levels
  • Do not convey information with images alone
    • Use alternate text for images
  • Use descriptive text for hyperlinks
    • Do not use "click here"

Microsoft Word Accessibility

Adobe Acrobat [PDF] Accessibility


Add Alternate Text to Images

Screenshot demonstrating where to add alt text to images in LibGuides

  • Ensure any text contained in the image is listed in the alternate text

Use Heading Levels Appropriately

Screenshot demonstrating where to adjust headings when editing in rich text in LibGuides

  • Formatting controls available when editing in rich text mode. Options are listed in the format drop-down menu
  • Use headings in order and do not skip levels